18 Marketing Trends And Predictions From C-Level Leaders In China

CMOS and their teams will embrace AI in 2018 – Knowingly or Unwittingly
The Future of Marketing is About Connection and Content
Information Asymmetry Between Brands and Consumers Will Disappear
There Will Be a Line of Division Between Those Who Can Adapt to Digital Tech and Those Who Can’t
Real AI Marketing
Content will Bring New Challenges and Opportunities for Industry
AI, CSR, and BAT are the 3 Critical Priorities for All Chinese Companies in 2018
Cross-Sector Marketing will Gain Popularity in the New Year
Marketers Will Continue to Prioritize “New Consumption”
Growth Hacking” Will Become the Priority for CMOs and CEOs
New Retail, the Gap between Traditional and E-Commerce Retailers Will No Longer Exist
CMOs Will Spend More Time Figuring Out How to Make Internet Companies More than Their Products
Marketing Mental Models Will Need To Change in the New Year
Content Production Will Become Even More Important
Marketers Will Build More Comprehensive Brands
CMOs Will Continue to Focus on Improving the Integration of Data and Content

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